Poster to raise funds for the Fairy Creek Blockade, defending ancient rainforests
from clearcut logging
I made this poster to raise funds to help out all the heroes out there on the Fairy Creek blockade, defending our old growth rainforest from logging.

Measured by number of arrests, the action going down around Fairy Creek is the biggest act of civil disobedience in Canada’s history. With that comes a whole host of legal fees and other expenses for the people on the front lines.

The illustration, of an elk melting in the heat is something I started working on in early summer 2021, and I thought I could put it to good use, maybe raise a few hundred bucks for the cause. So 100% of proceeds from this will go to the Rainforest Flying Squad's Fundrazr campaign.

Buy a print on RedBubble or Society 6 or download the print-res files FREE from GumRoad

I’m not affiliated with any of the groups working on the front lines of this struggle. I just support what they’re doing, and wanted to use a little bit of my resources and skills to help them out if I can.